Wecovery is a free tool that helps recovering addicts stay sober by giving them access to the power of a 12 step meeting from anywhere at any time.  Using the app, recovering addicts can share for 3 minutes just as they would at a 12 step meeting.  Their shares are then added to a repository of shares that anyone in the Wecovery community can listen to.  Members can filter shares by addiction, topic, and even by step to find shares that resonate with their circumstances.

Wecovery is meant for addicts who can’t make it to in person meetings because they are too far away, don’t have the time, or perhaps are scared to walk in the door.  In the spirit of 12 step programs, it is completely anonymous.  For those concerned that their voices may be recognized, there is even an option to alter your voice.

Wecovery is open to all addicts with a desire to recover.  We are not affiliated with any 12 step program, although our hope is to give people in those programs an additional tool for recovery.


  • Share – Share by speaking your truth for 3 minutes just as you would at a 12 step meeting.

  • Listen – Listen to shares from recovering addicts around the world.  Sort by addiction, topic, or step to find shares that resonate with you.

  • My profile – Keep track of your shares over time and review your progress in recovery.Wecovery has but one primary purpose: to give everyone access to recovery.  We’re glad you’re here.  Keep coming back.

How it works